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Edward "Ted" Brown III, CBCP Ted
President and CEO
PO Box 641
Waverly, PA 18471
Telephone: 570-563-0868
Toll Free: 888-538-2492
Fax: 570-563-0868  
E-Mail TedBrown@KETCHConsulting.com

Ted Brown, CBCP, President & CEO of KETCHConsulting is a recognized business continuity industry leader whose tireless efforts have dramatically increased the visibility of BCP nationwide and globally.

As IBM's first business continuity and recovery services' (BCRS) sales executive, Brown led its growth from zero revenue in 1989 to half a billion dollars in 1998. Brown went on to become IBM's eastern regional manager for its BCRS division before retiring in 1998 to become a vice president at Strohl Systems, the leading provider of business continuity software.

With 40 years in technology, Brown has contributed 20 years of experience to the business continuity industry. At various times, he has lent his expertise to the sales, consulting, and service delivery aspects of the industry. He has led the development of hundreds of unique BCP plans and actual recoveries. As a Certified Business Continuity Professional, Brown has shared his experience and expertise through published articles and lectures to thousands of business continuity and disaster recovery professionals. His lectures have been featured at CPM, CI, DRJ,CA World, EPICC, DVDRIEG, MADRA, Summit, BOMA, COMMON, DPMA, Survive, DRIE, CPE, ACP, NEDRIX, and 7x24 in North America, plus Australia and Malaysia

From the beginnng, Ted Brown has been a leading proponent of work group recovery, voice recovery, electronic vaulting, and non-IT business continuity. He has personally influenced many facets of the business continuity process including evaluating alternatives, implementing those alternatives, and ground zero recoveries. He also offered a great deal of time and personal assistance during the long effort to reconstruct the U.S. Virgin Islands after Hurricane Marilyn.

Uniquely qualified in the development of hot site solutions, Brown developed and delivered an internationally acclaimed white paper and presentation titled "How to Negotiate a Hot Site," benefitting thousands of organizations. Subsequently Brown presented it to a special gathering of business continuity professionals including representatives from IBM, Schlumberger, and SunGard. Additionally, he has developed a module for selling business continuity to upper management.

In November of 2007, KETCH Consulting was inducted into the Contingency Planning & Management Hall of Fame. In 2002, Ted as an individual was elected to the Contingency Planning & Management Hall of Fame along with Rudy Giuliani. The Hall of Fame recognizes leading contributors to Business Continuity.

Several years ago, Mr. Brown formed a BCP Consulting firm: KETCHConsulting. KETCHConsulting is unique in that they execute BCP consulting: performing BIA’s, BCP plans, Risk Assessment, Mitigation and BCP Education. But they are unique in that all are certified (CBCP or MBCI) and most KETCH consultants have actual RECOVERY experience. Furthermore, they provide unique offerings like Hot Site Negotiation, long term recovery strategies, table top exercises and Executive selling of BCP.

Brown, a graduate of Penn State, lives in northeastern Pennsylvania and is recognized for his contribution to his community, including the Chamber of Commerce, adult literacy, and special needs services.

Ketch, CPM Hall of Fame, CBCP, FBCI,COOP "Business Continuity" , 'Hot Site' , BIA "Business Impact Analysis"